Saturday, March 17, 2012

Find Your Pot o' Gold!

     It's St. Patrick's day, so we're all hoping for a bit o' the luck o' the Irish!   That's well and good when you're hoping someone will stand you a pint of Guinness, but you can't rely on luck ENTIRELY and hope to move your business forward in the online world.
     Herewith, we present some tried and tested tips for helping you compete in your business social media dealings.

1)  Get around.  Your online brand presence is not just your window to the's the window through which the world sees YOU.  Drive your conversations to what your business needs - after all, you know best!  (Unless you are Netflix or Bank of America, but enough on that subject)

2) Quality vs. quantity.   This is a no-brainer.  Quality always wins.  Again, your online presence is your 24/7/365 representative.  It had better look good.  Better a smaller amount of really, really good stuff...than overwhelming your audience with a ton of bad stuff.  Think about it, and think about the websites you follow, then act accordingly.

3)  Content matters.  This goes hand in hand with number 2 above.  Keep that content fresh and relevant.  Honestly, is there ANYTHING as annoying as a website or communication system that hasn't been updates in months?  (Please don't say anything about THIS communication, I know it's been since February, but hey, I do other things, too!)

4)  Stay true to your message.   You're not the only one out there who can spot a fake a mile off.  Figure out what you want to say, say it, then say it again.  And again.  And again.

5)  Video is your friend.  Use multimedia efforts in your website and in your communications.  People expect it, it's easy to do and you'll reap benefits.  For example, why tell someone how your company refinishes flooring, when you can SHOW them?  Think of your multimedia as a movie trailer - you want to entice people into seeing the WHOLE PICTURE.

Follow these five tips, and faith and b'gorra, you'll soon find yourself discovering a pot o' gold - and maybe a lucky leprechaun or two in the bargain!

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