Friday, March 25, 2011

Keep Your Brand Out There!

     So when are enough tweets enough?  Here's today's "Mother Goose and Grimm" comic by Mike Peters.  
     We've already discussed tweet overload in a previous post.  How do you know when you are doing just enough or not enough?
     First, you can always do the tried and true (I know it has no bells and whistles on it for you techies out there, but it works) method of simply asking your customers.  How did you hear about us?  Where did you hear about us? Would you like to hear more about us?
     Remember back in the dark ages, Radio Shack was often nationally lampooned for their practice of asking for your name and address even if you just bought a battery.  Now, while that may no longer happen, businesses are gathering even more information about their customers every time that customer swipes a credit card.  High tech, and it does work...but so does this:  filling out a customer information card with an email address to get updates.  I know I get updates from a lot of restaurants I like that I filled out their card on the table and turned it in to the server.  These are updates I want to get.  And the fact that I keep coming back to these same establishments seems to prove that it works.
     So don't stop tweeting.  Don't even think about stopping.  But make sure you are getting your tweets out to the right people.  And keep asking customers if you can send them emails about upcoming specials.
     Keep your brand out there!