Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's not your mother's Black Friday anymore!

     Are you ready?  Black Friday is upon us!  For many businesses, this is the make it or break it beginning to the make it or break it shopping season.
     In the old days, your mother's Black Friday depended solely on foot traffic at the brick and mortar stores.  It still does, judging by the crowds we'll see at Best Buy, Target, WalMart and etc.  But now -- if your business social media isn't addressing Black Friday, you're going to be missing out on a lot more traffic.
     Every year, the number of people who do their shopping online increases exponentially.  Those people who are glutted on turkey and dressing and pumpkin pie are going to be couch potatoes, but they won't be alone.
     No, they'll be armed with their smart phones.
     Merchants are offering online only deals (see the last blog entry on coupons) and are expecting to reap huge benefits from them, as well.  Hopefully your business is among that number.  Online only outfits like Rue La La, Amazon, Gilt and HSN will be competing for that shopping dollar - even as folks stand in line to get into the stores.  What could be better?  Shopping WHILE you are standing in line???
     Did you know that almost ten percent of of e-commerce purchases made in October came through mobile devices?  That's up about 3 percent from last year, according to research from IBM Coremetrics.
     AND -- about 43 percent of Americans with cell phone service own smart phones.   Amazon says the number of its American customers shopping on smart phones has nearly tripled since last year.
     So...get out there and sell through your business social media.   The brick and mortar stores are adding salespeople -- and now, you need to think about adding IT people, as well.  Punch that message out there, and don't be shy about doing it, either.
     It's not your mother's Black Friday sale anymore.