Monday, January 16, 2012

email vs. Twitter


   Stop and think for a moment:  which carries the greater impact?
   A:  being bombarded by ping-pong balls, one ball at a time, all day.
   B:  having a single 14 pound bowling ball dropped on your head.
   If you answered B you'd be correct.  Answer A can be irritating, of course, but you'll remember the bowling ball for days to come!
   That's kind of like it is in the continuing battle between email and Twitter or any other kind of business social media you may use.  The business social media is great for keeping up on a day to day and moment to moment account, but who saves twits and other such messages?
    The old fashioned email should be in play at your corporation as a mass market medium.  It's the electronic version of the old blast-fax.  Emails tend to stick around after they are read.  Emails with coupons or other items will be printed.
    Emails are also more likely to be trusted.  Would you correspond with your bank through Facebook?  And while we're on the subject, you should rarely if ever communicate thoughts, processes, ideas with company colleagues through Twitter.  Email is the only way to go here.
    This has been a short post, but it has a quick point: don't relegate email to the back burner.  Make it a part of your business social media strategy.  Reach your customers in every way you can.
    To quote an old cyber thought from days gone by:
     "You've got mail!"

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